Executive Coaching

Sean B. Jones has some of the most unique executive coaching credentials.  Sean has had executive profit/loss responsibility for hundreds of millions of dollars and lead organizations of hundreds of employees.  Sean is also a professional counselor and specializes in helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals.  His background in business, counseling and coaching provides a unique service to companies and individuals interested accelerating their professional development or solving complex business problems. Sean is an expert at identifying talent and team compatibility aptitudes.

Individuals in a wide range of management roles can benefit from executive coaching to help them more effectively navigate the corporate environment. Including learning strategies to work with difficult employees/co-workers, improve time-management, organization, project management, career development, work-life management, innovation,  and problem solving.

Executive Coaching is available for individuals, groups and teams.

Coaching services are available in-person or via a secure video conference.

In addition,

Coaching can be conducted in-person, tel-phonically or online via secure video conferencing. Text Coaching Support is also available.

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